peekHello there! I’m an artist with a background in photography, wood-fired ceramics, and art education. An avid traveller with a keen eye for colorful stories and images, I love making making connections between people, art and life!

I welcome your wonderings and conversations.

I’m a student of…



… the big, wide, wonderful world!

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    Tom Franklin says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I hope you’re well and finding continued happiness and peace in these days.

    I wanted to apologize for not being the best of friends (much less the best of boyfriends) all those years ago. We were both very young and I was far more lost than I realized at the time. You deserved far better from me than I gave.

    Your form’s spam filter doesn’t like the link I wanted submit, so I’ll list it here. There are some other photos from that summer at Bethany in the website link I provided. I hope they spark good memories.


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