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The year was 1931, and Dora picked up her husband’s ink pen with unprecedented determination, drafting a letter to her trusty friend Hilda. Dora relied on her sister-in-law Hilda as a battleaxe – a necessary ally when dealing with her husband, Raymond, Sr., on matters of importance. The construction of House #1 was on the horizon, and Dora needed all the help she could get to insure that it would be built with her delicate frame in mind.

excerpt from The Waypoint Project: Stories

This is a work in progress

3 hulls amidst east end rocks

The Waypoint Project is a mixed-media environmental portrait that highlights the unique relationship between my family history and the land and waters of New York. This project intends to create a portrait of my father through a series of site-specific sculptures designed to capture the spirit of place in three distinct locations.

Dora bathes young Ray in a basin, circa 1933

loading the wood/salt/soda kiln

See (and hear) a few hulls as they meet the waters of Gardner’s Bay, NY: