Low Tide, New Moon [part 3]


The sun shifts past the porch beam, instantly lighting up her face. Closing her eyes, she soaks it in, breathing deeply into this moment. She glances over to see Moby’s soft belly turned to greet the sun, his eyes narrowed to a squint, paws sprawled in four directions, soaking it all in. Cats love the sun like no other creature on earth. If there’s one thing that Moby has taught her, it’s how to slow down and breathe into these moments, patiently, like Summer’s unfolding flowers. She reaches over and tickles his belly. He grasps her hands between his front paws, claws carefully tucked away, and licks the top of her hand. Lovely, sandpaper kisses. Her fingers brush the side of his neck and he falls back into a deep reverie. 

Oh, to spend the day lounging on the porch with Moby would be so nice. But today she has work to do, preparations to be made for her first underwater adventure, so this moment of quiet will have to do. She sighs, knowing that she will miss her dear friend, Moby, dearly while she explores the ocean floor, but she feels better knowing that he will be in his favorite place on earth, cared for by her father’s friend, Sarah, for the next month and a half.

On her way to the kitchen, she passes Sarah who glances up from the morning paper.