Pinks and Grey

Another poem in the works, pulled from my archive of daily writings. Only slightly edited.

Today I dress in pinks and greys,

brushed cotton, downy wool

blanketing this raucous mood

Your skin reflects a sun

released from ravages of day

Green glow, yellow overtone

Toulouse-Loutrec in grey

Your hair cavorts in tufts

tall and slender, too

combined, the fool appears 

to all but me and you.


Poem (slightly edited)

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some poems written a few years ago, and deserving of a second chance viewing. I’ll refrain from editing them further (for now). 

ochre windows frame

barefoot wanderings
dark ocean brews 

evidence of dreams

splayed over distant sands
like phosphorescent fingers
fretting chaos into chords


Open Sky

  Another poem from the storehouse. This from a set of micropoetry that I was working on a few years back (this is even a bit long for a micro poem;). Enjoy!

words drift and linger

jet trails dusting azure sky 

out in the open

for all to see

your heartfelt gesture 

however momentary 

and fleeting


Spilling Tenderness

The muscles around my heart

Cling tightly for fear of spilling

All kinds of tenderness

Into the world

They seem to forget

That’s why we’re all here


East End Seagrass


Hello (she whispered across the open ocean)

Hi to you (he said from under the pines)

(and how are you?)

Fine (she replied amidst Eastend seagrass)

(and you?)