Low Rising (part 4)


“What’s on the docket today, Allie?”

“I’ve got to finish placing the reef ties on the sail and then run into town for some sandpaper – I’ve run through my fine grit and the hull needs one last coat of varnish before the rains come. Do you need anything from town?”

“Can you pick up a dozen oranges? Peter’s coming by after dinner and I want to give him a gift before he leaves for The Netherlands”

Allie takes a sharp breath in, remembering her last encounter with Peter. His shiny curls delivering sharp contrast to the sun, his bright smile beaconing her closer. Iron casing coating his shins. He was wel[Allie’s father] a sign for the boatyard, one announcing the opening of his restaurant, Raw Oyster, the fruition of 15 years of dreaming and hard work. She was thrilled for him and let him know it as often as she could without pressuring him. And now the time had come to bring his gift into the world. So, on this day, with him looking so proud and joyful, it nearly broke her heart to turn down his offer to partner with him in the business. And yet, she felt betRxed. Had he not been listening to her dreams? Didn’t he know that she was about to go on a journey of a lifetime, one that she had been dreaming of for so many years? How could he put her in this terrible position – to have to choose between one love and another? 

{Music: Low Rising, The Swell Season]

She sighed deeply. Yes, she would pick up the oranges. No, she would not let this ripple destroy their friendship. Allie was not one to walk away from 15 years of love and laughter because of one small oversight. “Was it really all that small?” she wondered, “In all those years how often did he ask about my dreams?” She brushed the thought aside, put on her coat and gave a wink to Moby. “See you for lunch.”

I think this needs to be a web-based novel with embedded links to mini-movies, stills, music, and related websites and social media… ways to make the novel more three-dimensional and interactive for readers.

… and possible sponsors: The Ocean Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, Hamptons Historical Society (do they exist?), etc. 

Stan [Allie’s father] at the edge of the ocean on Asparagus Beach, Allie thinks back to the time just before her father passed, recalling a series of emails between her and her artist friend, Jx.